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Chevalier FVL-1600VTC – CNC Vertical Lathe

Chevalier FVL-1600VTC – CNC Vertical Lathe w/ C-Axis & Milling

The series is perfect for heavy-duty turning, milling, boring, grinding, drilling and thread-cutting applications. The Y model is designed for key-slot milling of large-sized and/or heavy work pieces or work pieces made of east-iron, steel and cast iron. And with the optional live tooling function, the series offers additional flexible machining capabilities to make more complex work pieces with one machine.


  • Table Diameter: 63″
  • Max Swing/Cutting Dia: 78.7″
  • Max Turning Height: 53″
  • Max Table Load: 22,000 lbs.
  • Spindle Speed: 25-2500RPM
  • Z Axis Stroke: 35.4″
  • Y Axis Stroke: 39.4″
  • W Axis Stroke: 31.4″
  • Z Axis Rotation Speed: 3.33RPM
  • C Axis Cutting Feedrate: 0-1200 degrees/min
  • XZ Axis Rapid Traverse: 393ipm
  • Y Axis Rapid Traverse: 236ipm
  • XYZ Cutting Feedrate: 51ipm
  • Box Way Structure
  • Table Size: Up to 1998.9mm (78.7″)
  • Max. Workpeice Weight: Up to 12,000Kg (30,000 lbs.)
  • Transmission: 2-Speed Gearbox
  • Table Motor: Up to 75kW (100 HP)
  • Live Tooling, C-Axis and Y-Axis Available
  • Tool Capacity: 12 Carousel – VTC Series
  • 16 Carousel – VTC+C Series
  • X/Z-Rapid: 10 m/min (393ipm)

For further information about our capabilities, please contact us.

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New Nomura CNC Horizontal Boring Machine

Nomura HBA-135P-R5

CNC Planer Type w/ Rotary Table Horizontal Boring & Milling Machine

We currently are installing this machinery and expect it to be up and running in Early December 2013. For further information about our capabilities, please contact us.


  • Spindle Dia. 5.31”
  • Spindle Speed 3,000 rpm
  • X/Y/Z Travel 118”x 90”x 55”
  • Spindle Travel 27.5”
  • Table Size 71”x 79”
  • Load Capacity 33,000 lbs
  • Drive Motor 60 HP
  • Torque 2,922 ft.lb.
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