Chevalier FVL-1600VTC – CNC Vertical Lathe

Chevalier FVL-1600VTC – CNC Vertical Lathe w/ C-Axis & Milling

fvl1600vtc+cThe series is perfect for heavy-duty turning, milling, boring, grinding, drilling and thread-cutting applications. The Y model is designed for key-slot milling of large-sized and/or heavy work pieces or work pieces made of east-iron, steel and cast iron. And with the optional live tooling function, the series offers additional flexible machining capabilities to make more complex work pieces with one machine.


  • Table Diameter: 63″
  • Max Swing/Cutting Dia: 78.7″
  • Max Turning Height: 53″
  • Max Table Load: 22,000 lbs.
  • Spindle Speed: 25-2500RPM
  • Z Axis Stroke: 35.4″
  • Y Axis Stroke: 39.4″
  • W Axis Stroke: 31.4″
  • Z Axis Rotation Speed: 3.33RPM
  • C Axis Cutting Feedrate: 0-1200 degrees/min
  • XZ Axis Rapid Traverse: 393ipm
  • Y Axis Rapid Traverse: 236ipm
  • XYZ Cutting Feedrate: 51ipm
  • Box Way Structure
  • Table Size: Up to 1998.9mm (78.7″)
  • Max. Workpeice Weight: Up to 12,000Kg (30,000 lbs.)
  • Transmission: 2-Speed Gearbox
  • Table Motor: Up to 75kW (100 HP)
  • Live Tooling, C-Axis and Y-Axis Available
  • Tool Capacity: 12 Carousel – VTC Series
  • 16 Carousel – VTC+C Series
  • X/Z-Rapid: 10 m/min (393ipm)

For further information about our capabilities, please contact us.

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New Nomura CNC Horizontal Boring Machine

Nomura HBA-135P-R5

CNC Planer Type w/ Rotary Table Horizontal Boring & Milling Machine

We currently are installing this machinery and expect it to be up and running in Early December 2013. For further information about our capabilities, please contact us.

Nomura HBA-135PR5

Newly installed @ Schurman Machine in December 2013


  • Spindle Dia. 5.31”
  • Spindle Speed 3,000 rpm
  • X/Y/Z Travel 118”x 90”x 55”
  • Spindle Travel 27.5”
  • Table Size 71”x 79”
  • Load Capacity 33,000 lbs
  • Drive Motor 60 HP
  • Torque 2,922
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