• 23201 NE 10th Ave, Ridgefield, WA

Take a look at some of the processes that we do at our shop, including turning parts on Vertical Boring Mills, Lathes, and milling them on Horizontal Boring Mills, both CNC and Manually Operated. Our machines are very large, with the opportunity to work on very large parts for whatever needs you have. You send us a drawing and description of what you want, and we’ll tell you if we can do it.

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Turning a very large cylinder on our VBM machine, that has a table that is 10 ft across, with two machining heads.

This is a complete an fully functioning Bar Screen Assembly that we built from the ground-up.  This machine goes into various pulp & paper mills, where it sorts wood chips through the bars, and pushes the larger pieces along to get chipped into finer bits.

Milling a plate on our Femco CNC machine

Milling out a hole in the bottom of this “milk jug” container on our Femco CNC machine.

Turning a stainless steel forging on our VBM machine. The final product has a finish that is smooth on all sides.

Rotating an awkward size part on our large VBM machine, to bore out the inside diameter to size.

A very loud (turn down your sound) process, where we are drilling out the holes in the flange of this pump casting.

Taking material off of the casting in a circular motion on our Femco CNC machine.